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Snapshots of York

With Bittersweet Bean, the setting is in York. It's cobbles, winding alleys and medieval influences have to be reflected in the illustrations I create for each panel of this project. So, this week's post has a quick look at some of the panels I have done so far, at my efforts to best reflect York's beauty and architecture. It's gonna be short and sweet. Like those caramel cortados they serve at Costa.....

Snapshot #1 York from the Rooftops

After scanning this shot, more shading was added to create the effect of a sunrise in black and white. Inspiration for this panel was taken from a possible view from the Minster seen on an early morning within the city walls, as if the world was just waking up and bakeries were just about to start baking their morning bread. The additional future shading also adds a bit more chimney smoke, as if fireplaces has just been lit in the older buildings of the city centre.

Snapshot #2 Rose Window at Sunrise

The combination of black and white panels with colour ones represent the colour re-entering the world once you've properly started to wake up and the sun rises. More often than not, in the mornings, if I get up to early or just in the middle of the night, everything is either darkness or one colour in different shades. Usually an orange or sepia tone. After the first two pages of the novel, the panels gradually re-introduce colour, so it somewhat reflects that same waking up effect. So far, this is one of the panels I am most proud of. The colour worked great first time and the detail didn't become too messy or over complicated. The latte pun can be kind of appreciated too.

3# A View Of York; Bean's Studio

On the front cover, a part of Bean's studio flat can be seen. She is on her bed, facing away from a bookshelf that shows elements of her personality, an old faded green cabinet and a window with a far away view of York Minster. With York being quite expensive for living, it makes sense that Bean would have just a studio flat. And as it's a shared building, even more logical. Rent is always cheaper in a share house made up of studio flats.

4# Early Risers on Minstergate

As the panels zoom in on the Minster, the perspective flips to Bean yawning as she enjoys the view with her early morning latte. In the background, you can see a photographer, one of the only other people possibly up in York at this time. This idea was taken from my walks to work at 7am, where the only other people around were other cafe workers, delivery drivers, runners and photographers. This photographer was inspired by my friend Jason, who at the time, was a chef at my work. Minstergate is seen in the foreground, backing onto the entrance of Stonegate. Hopefully, the panel shows this all clearly.

So far, these are the panels completed that show different views and snapshots of the city. I hope they reflect what was intended and show off the city well. As the novel progresses, I hope to include some more obscure parts that people may not go to that often, such as the old Terry's Chocolate Factory, The Basement at City Screen, the inner suburbs and more. Keeping my fingers crossed that I can keep up the quality!


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